Data Journalism

We present the discipline of data journalism, with multi-disciplinary professionals, from the world of journalism, computing and design, who locate, compile, communicate and put data into context in a world of excess information. Its aim? To answer questions and generate knowledge: to discover stories that are explained with data. Here you will find introductory content, examples of success, tools for professional practice and organizations that promote this trend in journalism.

Data de publicació: 
Article by Paul Bradshaw in which he explains how to work as a data journalist.

Projects and examples

Independent open data journalism initiative by Khalid Khattak created in 2015.
Website of this initiative with information on the different data visualization projects undertaken.
Website of this initiative working for the transparency of the data and all citizens’ access to it.
Interview in English with Michael Bauer during the Data Journalism and Open Data Conference.

Data journalism in the media

The Guardian on data journalism.
Ara newspaper’s section on data journalism.
NY Times newspaper’s section on data journalism.
La nación newspaper’s section on data journalism.
The Economist newspaper’s section on data journalism.
Los Angeles Times newspaper’s section on data journalism.
The Washington Post newspaper’s section on data journalism.
The Texas Tribune newspaper’s section on data journalism.
Article providing an introduction to data journalism, proposing a definition and relating it to other terms.

Guides and handbooks

Free open project created by journalists, programmers and designers from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.
Handbook for anyone interested in data journalism that guides readers in finding places to search for data.
Book that explores the ways to visuallly analize and communicate data.

Communities of practice

Google website working on the organization of data and its access at a world level.
Website of this organization, which use their member's skills to disseminate information.
Website of this foundation working to design tools for communication between communities.
Presentation by Daniel Graso explaining the steps involved in data collection and its visualization.


Website of this non-profit organization that promotes journalism around the world.
Website of this American foundation involved in art, technology and journalism.
Website of this American foundation that seeks government transparency through journalism.
CCCBLAB dossier with articles, interviews and news from several conferences on this subject.

Conferences, seminars and congresses

Website featuring a collection of the documentation of all the digital journalism congresses in Spain.
Details of the 1st Data Journalism and Open Data Congress held in Spain.
Migraciones Visualizar ’17
Section of this website on the data visualization workshop held annually.
Interview in Spanish with Mar Cabra during the Data Journalism and Open Data Conference.

Right of access to information and transparency

Llei 19/2013, de 9 de desembre, de transparència, accés a la informació pública i bon govern.
Regula els drets d’accés a la informació, de participació pública i d’accés a la justícia.
Regulation relating to public access to documents of the European Parliament, of the Council and of the Commission.
Global Right Information Rating
Website that undertakes a comparative analysis of the information laws at world level.
Non-government online platform that helps citizens obtain information from the European Union.