Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is understood as the voluntary commitment of enterprises and organizations to act through ethical and transparent practices, beyond legal obligations. These enterprises and organizations incorporate the social, environmental and economic dimensions into their strategy and activities.

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What is CSR?

Some definitions of what corporate social responsibility is and is not.
Corporate social responsibility - Wikipedia
The Wikipedia entry for Corporate social responsibility.
Qué es la RSE
Explanation of the concept of corporate social responsibility on the website Forética.
Què és la responsabilitat social de les empreses?
Explanation on the website of the Ministry for Business and Labour of the Catalan government.
Responsabilidad social empresarial
Explanatory video about CSR from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Reference texts

Selection of the main texts that serve as a framework of reference for corporate social responsibility (CSR) at an international level.
ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
Adopted in 1998 by the International Labour Organization.
Los Diez Principios de Pacto Mundial
United Nations Global Compact.
CFI: Los Principios de Ecuador
The Equator Principles are the principles used by the major international financial institutions.
OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
Released in 1999 and revised in 2004.
OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
Its aim is to promote the positive contribution of enterprises to economic, environmental and social progress.
Green paper - Promoting a European framework for CSR
It provides information on CSR, guidelines, concepts and useful links.
A renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for CSR
Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament.
Informe del Foro de Expertos en RSE
Constituted in March 2005 at the initiative of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Spain.
Ley 2/2011, de 4 de marzo, de Economía Sostenible
Spanish law that promotes a set of measures that seek to modernize the Spanish economy.

Selection of the main websites of bodies related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) at a Catalan, Spanish and international level.

Regulation and standards

Selection of the main regulations and standards linked to corporate social responsibility (CSR) at national and international level.
SGE 21
Website of Forética on standard SGE 21, the ethical and socially responsible management standard.
Norma UNE 165010:2009 EX
Standard about "Ethics. Management System of Corporate Social Responsibility"
Social Accountability 8000: International Standard
Full text of the international standard SA 8000.
ISO 26000 - Social responsibility
Official website of the standard ISO 26000.