Contemporary Japanese Literature

Taking advantage of the tenth anniversary of the commissioning of the courses of practical Japanese language study at UOC, the Library has produced this dossier to raise awareness of some of the leading names in Japanese literature, while also increasing the resources available at the UOC through Casa Asia's fonds.

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Selection of UOC Library resources

Tale of self-discovery and exposure of the guilt of an elderly woman and her friendship with a young boy.
Hajime sees the life he has built threatened by the appearance of Shimamoto, an old friend.
Hajime sees the life he has built threatened by the appearance of Shimamoto, an old friend.
A very special love story that emphasizes the depth and need for connection between two people.
A cast of characters who feel they have no place in the world they find themselves in, living between two eras.
Entity which impulses the knowledge between our society and the Asia-Pacific one, creating a cultural link.

Selection of resources from the Casa Asia Library

In this tale, the author reveals why a prisoner is happy about being sent to a deserted island.
This is a story of the sexual awakening of a philosophy teacher, Shikuza Kanai, from childhood to adulthood.
The book centres on the situation suffered by the eta in Japan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The story of Shunkin, a cultured woman from a well-to-do family, and Sasuke, a young pupil who serves her needs.
Crime fiction novel about the fight between Kogorō̇ Akechi and Madame Midorikawa, the Black Lizard.
A story of love and obsession between Shimamura, a rich man from Tokyo, and Komako, an apprentice geisha.
Novel made up of three notebooks that tell of the fall of Yozo, a young student from the provinces living in Tokyo.
The story begins with a teacher and amateur entomologist who goes to a landscape of sand dunes by the sea.
At the centre of this story is the dichotomy of beauty and destruction, told through a tale of a fire in a temple.
A love story between teenagers set on a rural island among the inhabitants of a fishing village.
Thriller in which Kiyoshi Mitarai and his assistant K. Ishioka solve a mystery that’s over 40 years old.
A novel that speaks of the desperation of a group of teenagers who are heading passively towards self-destruction.