Catalan: language resources

The Library and Language Service have joined forces to select a series of resources for Catalan. This dossier includes reference works and tools to help resolve doubts on spelling, grammar or vocabulary. You can also find resources to help with pronunciation or to keep up-to-date with the news and new developments in the use of Catalan. ​

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The Language Service

Style and language of the UOC
This site, run by staff at the Language Service, provides specific guidelines for UOC-related texts in Catalan.
The UOC Language Service's Twitter account.


This section has a selection of lexicographic reference works.

Diccionari de llengua catalana. Segona edició
Prescriptive dictionary of the Catalan language published by the Institute of Catalan Studies.
Latest version of the catalan encyclopedia.
Diccionaris Larousse: sinònims
It lets users consult a number of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries in Catalan.
Diccionari català-valencià-balear
The electronic version of the Diccionari català-valencià-balear includes different Catalan dialects.
Lèxic Obert Flexionat de Català (LOFC)
A compilation of resources on different aspects of the Catalan language.
Diccionari de sinònims de frases fetes
This dictionary connects concepts with idioms and expressions, it offers 5,500 concepts and 15,500 idioms.
Acronym Finder
Abbreviations dictionary providing the definitions of acronyms, initialisms and other shortened forms.
Diccionari de sinònims
Online thesaurus for synonyms in Catalan, including a search function.
Paremiologia catalana comparada digital
Compendium of Catalan proverbs, including details of when each one first appeared in writing.


This section offers tools to find out how to pronounce words in different languages.

The place where you can find millions of words pronounced in their original language.
Selection of terms designed to help correctly pronounce the Catalan dialects.
Diccionari de dubtes del català oral (DDCOR)
This audio learning resource, provided online by the Vives Network of Universities, gives over 18,000 examples.


These resources can help resolve any possible doubts relating to the conjunction of verbs.
Latest version of the catalan encyclopedia.
A service for language queries that includes a search engine to help resolve doubts about the Catalan language.


This section offers a range of tools including resources to improve writing or machine translation systems.

Corrector ortogràfic i gramatical de Softcatalà
An online corrector that detects spelling, grammar, typographical and style errors.
És a dir
The language website produced by the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation.
Traducció automàtica en línia
A website from the Government of Catalonia with information on online machine translation systems.
Sofcatalà aims to promote use of Catalan in computing, the web and new technologies.
A website from the Institute of Catalan Studies that lists tools for translating and correcting text.
Com s'escriuen els números DILC
An application that transcribes numbers written in digits into their alphabetical format.


Resources on specific terminology and specialist language.

The TERMCAT website has helpful information to resolve doubts relating to Catalan terminology.
Terminologia de Ciències i Tecnologia
A search engine for works on science and technology with terminology and the contexts for the search terms.
A search engine for Spanish-to-Catalan and Catalan-to-Spanish queries for legal and administrative terms.
Nomenclatura de gestió universitària
A university administration nomenclature dictionary produced by Vives Network of Universities' Language Committee.

Grammar and spelling

Institut d'Estudis Catalans
Updated and revised version of the normative orthography for the Catalan language.
This is a shorter version of the IEC's normative grammar that has been adapted for use online.

Grammar questions and doubts

This section has resources to resolve all kinds of doubts about language and grammar.

A service for language queries that includes a search engine to help resolve doubts about the Catalan language.

Keeping up-to-date

This section has a selection of websites and blogs with news and new developments from the world of languages.

blog de l'Optimot
A blog that accompanies the content produced by the Optimot language query service.
blog del Termcat
A blog highlighting items linking terminology with current affairs
It offers useful tips and tools for editing, writing, translating and proofreading documents and texts.
A daily newsletter with words or expressions in Catalan.


Toponímia, website
A website on Catalan place names, it covers criteria and publications on Catalan toponymy.


This section has databases with large numbers of words and the contexts in which they appear.

Corpus Textual Informatitzat de la Llengua Catalana
A corpus of over 52 million words written in Catalan between 1833 and 1988.