The Boolean operators

The operators AND, OR and NOT (they must be written in capital letters) help you refine your results in the Library resources search engine. You can use these operators to combine the search terms and establish relationships between them.

How can I use them? How can I refine my results even more? Combine the Boolean operators as often as you want to create personalized search formulas.

As in mathematics, you can use brackets to define the order in which the terms must be interpreted: the search engine reads first the words in brackets. For example, if you write your search as (children OR adolescents) AND learning, the search engine will first interpret that you only want information about children or adolescents and will then relate these results with learning.

Furthermore, if you want to search for results that contain a specific phrase, you can use inverted commas. For example: If you write "Olympic games", you will get results with the words "Olympic Games" in that order and together.

The boolean operators