Bibliography management

Learn how to reference different sources and follow international standards while managing your bibliography.

What is the difference between a citation and a bibliographic reference?

A citation is a reference that has been embedded into a body of text, and contains information about the source. To cite a source in the text, follow this example:

A bibliographical reference provides information (author, year of publication, publisher, etc) that identifies someone else's idea or writing. It is presented at the end of an academic paper in the bibliography or references section.

To reference a source in the bibliography, you can follow this example:


Learn how to cite different kinds of documents, including images, videos, articles and social media.

Bibliographic reference management

Access the leading reference managers, find out their main functions and easily import references from websites, databases, catalogues and other information sources; share them with other users, add them to your work or create bibliography lists.

Reference manager and academic social network.
Open source bibliographic reference manager
mendeley and zotero icons
Comparison table with the principal features of the Mendeley and Zotero reference managers.
lybrary file cabinet
Table comparing different free reference manager programs.

How to use Mendeley and Zotero

Learn how to use these bibliography managers with the following resources.


Mendeley: tutorial d'aprenentatge
Self-learning materials for the Mendeley reference manager produced by the UOC Library.
Vídeos Mendeley
Learn how Mendeley works through easy self-training videos and tutorials offered by the bibliographic manager.
logo zotero
Access Zotero’s online manual to get the most out of the bibliographic manager.
Mendeley support center
Consult the Mendeley Support Center to find the answer to any query or incident in the FAQs.