Aspects of family law

A presentation of the most widely covered aspects of family law, such as economic and property aspects, domestic violence and the situation of minors in divorce or separation. Special attention is paid to same-sex parent families, single-parent families and domestic partnerships.

Divorce / Separation

Document that sets out the suitable procedures in separation, divorce and annulment cases.
Entry that directly explains the differences between separation, divorce and annulment.
Article that describes what handling separations and divorces with a notary public entails.
Book that extensively sets out the most important elements in the separation and divorce process.
Compilation of procedural texts related to the dissolution of the family bond and of civil partners.
Book that offers a practical analysis of all the procedural aspects of divorce by mutual consent.

Inheritances / Successions

Database entry that reviews just what family law is.
Book that deals with successions in the family due to death or imperative.
Book offering the updates to family law and possible extrajudicial actions.
Learning resource for the course Civil Law IV.

Domestic violence

Website entry specifically relating to domestic and gender violence.
Book that looks at multifunctionality and the practical use of Spanish criminal law.
Book that offers an extensive vision of domestic violence in Spain and the related aspects.
Book that considers gender violence and its possible solutions.
Book containing a number of criminal studies on domestic violence.
Book that covers Organic Law 1/2004 on global protective measures against gender-based violence.


Book that explains the concept of alimony and its fundamental points.
Study of alimony in Spanish legal rights.
Book that studies the offence of non-payment of alimony, from both a political and an ethical perspective.

Minors (guardianships, paternity suits, adoption and affiliation)

Article that analyses shared custody based on the study of the second book of the Civil Code of Catalonia.
Article that discusses the situation of children of same-sex couples born to a surrogate mother abroad.
Book that analyses adoption according to the Catalan Family Code.
Document that highlights parent-child relations, filiation, custody and adoption.
Book that answers questions relating to marriage and children.