Applicable legislation

In Spain there is no specific regulation in the subject matter; however the applicable legislation is listed below.

Establishes cooperation actions of public health administrations to ensure the successful running of the...
Known as the LOPD, it guarantees the protection of the basic rights of persons, such as the right to honour and...
Decree which approves the implementing legislation of the LOPD in order to protect personal rights in the...
Establishes a regulation on information society services.
Regulates actions in order to guarantee the right to health protection recognized in the Constitution.
Regulates patient autonomy and the rights and obligations with regard to clinical information and documentation.
Defines the concept of advertising and regulates it in all its fundamental aspects.
Decree which approves the consolidated text which unifies the previous Law 26/1984, of 19 July.
Establishes the rules to guarantee cross-border healthcare assistance to patients and promote cooperation.
Guarantees patient mobility, establishing certain rules to facilitate access to safe and high-quality healthcare.
Quality marks, codes of conduct and accreditations that exist to evaluate the information on health on the Internet