Alejandro R. Jadad Bechara. Honorary Doctor

The UOC Library has compiled this dossier to celebrate the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Alejandro R. Jadad Bechara. Jadad was the founder of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation at the University of Toronto, where he also works as professor and director of the Institute for Global Health Equity and Innovation. 

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In 1989, he published El paciente neuroquirurgico: manejo anestésico y de cuidados intensivos (The neurosurgery patient: anaesthetic and intensive care management), the first book written on this subject in Spanish. He used a fellowship at Oxford University to broaden his knowledge of complex pain cases and their treatment. His work led to the creation of new tools for screening important information, new methods for creating databases to support medical decisions and the validation of the Jadad scale. He is a member of various organizations, such as the Colombian Science and Technology Network, the Cochrane Consumer Network, the International Medical Informatics Association, and the World Health Organization, among others.

Who is he?

Alejandro R. Jadad's entry in Wikipedia.
Document that collect information about Alejandro R. Jadad's background, training and objectives.
Alejandro R. Jadad's YouTube channel, where we can find a selection of interviews on different news media.
A compilation of interviews and news reports published about Alejandro R. Jadad in the newspaper El País.


Alejandro R. Jadad's talk at the Ontario Public Health Convention 2016.
Dr Jadad's address at the opening session of this congress, where he talks about the relationship with the patient
Presentation by Alejandro Jadad at the Mayo Clinic Transform Symposium 2012.
Lecture by Dr Jadad at the annual national congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians.
Inaugural address by Alejandro R. Jadad at the 14th Australian Palliative Care Conference.
A lecture given by Dr Jadad in which he talks about the health problems suffered by organizations and corporations.


A fundamental book for acquiring a general overview of all the points that we find in randomized clinical trials.
A continuation of the guide published in 1998.
This book takes us on a journey through the evolution of the human mind.
A book about inner knowledge, through which we can lead fuller lives.
This volume proposes that death can become the beginning of a happier and healthier life.


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Research lines

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eHealth provides a series of key services for the transformation of the healthcare model.
Definition, a simple explanation and background of the Jadad scale.

Bodies and institutions

This centre is affiliated with the Toronto General Hospital, one of the top medical centres in North America.
University of Toronto
This organization's goal is to improve the health of the entire community, bypassing social differences.
School of Clinical Sciences & Community Health (SCSCH), Universitat d’Edimburg
This institution was created in 1998 with the mission of creating, disseminating and curating knowledge.
A project promoted and funded by the Andalusian Regional Government's Secretariat for Public Health and Consumption
An initiative created by the World Health Organization in 2005, which studies eHealth, its impact and evolution.
University Health Network
A merger of several medical centres and one educational centre in Toronto.
The Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) pain service's outpatient department.