Aina Moll i Marquès. Honorary Doctor

The UOC Library has prepared this monograph resources related to Aina Moll’s career on the occasion of the appointment of an honorary doctor.

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Viquipèdia - Aina Moll i Marquès
Entry for Aina Moll i Marquès on Viquipèdia, in Catalan.
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Catalogue UOC - Aina Moll
Pre-configured search on bibliographic catalogue of the UOC.
Catalogue PUC - Aina Moll
Pre-configured search on the Collective Catalogue of the Catalonian Universities (CBUC).
RACO - Aina Moll
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Dialnet - Aina Moll
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Google Scholar - Aina Moll
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Editorial Moll
The Editorial Moll is a company founded the year 1934 for the philologist Francesc de B. Moll Casasnovas.
Recopilation of articles of members of the Filological Section - Aina Moll i Marquès
Portal of the Institute of Catalan Studies dedicated to the philologist Aina Moll.

Organisms and institutions

Institute of Catalan Studies
The institution is a center of catalanistic which promotes and developes the research.
Balear Cultural Work
The Balear Cultural Work is an entity founded the year 1962 to promote the own language and culture.
Catalan Society of Sociolinguistic
The SOCS has been and is a place of convergence of people from diferent disciplines to change the social reality.


Dictionary Catalan-Valencian-Balear (DCVB) Alcover-Moll
Electronic edition consultable of the Dictionary Catalan-Valencian-Balear with dialect variants of the Catalan.


El País - Noticias sobre Aina Moll
Recopilation of news about Aina Moll published in the newspaper El País.