Various resources devoted to family law, from blogs and videos to journals and official documents.

Practical guide offering an overview of all the questions relating to family law.

Current documents

ICAB bibliographical compilation about new family models.
News on family law within Europe on the European Justice portal.


Video about family law, broadcast on Spain’s La 2 television channel.
Chapter of the TVE programme En Familia, which looks at the adoption of children.


Blog de Paloma Zabalgo
This blog explains each aspect of family law and the actions that can be taken.
Specific entry on Aura Esther Vilalta’s blog on family law.
Publication from the Societat Catalana d’Estudis Jurídics (Catalan Society for Legal Studies) which began in 2001.

Web portals

Family Law Cafe
An initiative centred on providing professional advice about family law.
Societat Catalana d’Advocats de Família portal.

Official document

Compilation of jurisprudence and specific articles relating to family law.
Civil law forms, including applications for divorce by mutual consent.