What is the publishing process?

1. Submitting your article

When submitting an article to a journal, a number of aspects need to be considered:

  • Consult the guide with instructions for authors provided by each journal. This guide provides information about the article's length and structure, the format of the tables and figures, the citation style and how to write the bibliographical references, etc.
  • Check that you have complied with all the ethical aspects required by the publisher, for instance, plagiarism, conflicts of interest, data source and conformity, etc. It may be useful to consult the document published by the Committee on Publication Ethics, "Cooperation between research institutions and journals on research integrity cases: guidance from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)".
  • Make sure that you agree to the journal's policy regarding the treatment of copyright.

2. Getting to know the peer review process

When an article is reviewed and accepted for publication, it goes through a process in which different people are involved in different phases.

Types of peer review

  • Single-blind: the reviewers' names are not revealed to the authors.
  • Double-blind: neither the reviewers know the authors' names nor the authors know the reviewers' names.
  • Open peer review: both the reviewers know the authors' names and the authors know the reviewers' names.

The peer review process