Research data management tools

Video that explains what the research data management plan tool is and how to use it.

Tools for drafting your research data management plan

Templates and apps that will help you draft your research data management plan.

Research Data Management Plan CSUC logo
Draft the research data management plan using this CSUC tool.
DMP Online
DMPonline is de DCC's data management planing tool. It helps researchers write data management plans.
Data Management Plan
Editable template with the summary of the main contents that should be included in your research data management pl
Digital Curation Center
Checklist with the main questions or themes that researchers may want to cover when writing a DMP.

Research data management infrastructures

Compilation of research data portals and repositories.

We recommend using European resources to ensure that they comply with data protection regulations.


Multidisciplinary open access repository developed by CERN.
Collaborative infrastructure that provides research data management, training and consultancy services.
logo Dariah
DARIAH is an infrastructure for arts and humanities researchers working with digital research methods.
logo Clarin
European infrastructure for managing and disseminating language resources following FAIR principles.
Multidisciplinar open access repository developed by Digital Science.
Registry of research data repositories.
Open acces repositories
Multidisciplinary Repositories for Open Access Data.
OpenAIRE How to select a repositroy
Guide with the criteria that may be considered when selecting a data repository for both searching an publishing.

Training in research data management

Training modules in research data management

MANTRA Research Data Management Training logo
Interactive training module from the University of Edinburgh giving an introduction to research data management.
Logo EUDAT Training
Consult the training module on the EUDAT portal to learn more about research data management.
Foster research data management taxonomy
Compilation of training resources in research data management.
cessda eric Data management guide
Training module to learn how to manage data at each stage of the research data cycle.