International Open Access Week at UOC (2018)

The UOC will be participating in a number of activities for OAWeek this year, aiming to raise awareness about open access and generate commitments to open publishing.

Take part in the game, since 22 October, in Tibidabo, 22@ and Castelldefels buildings. Check the instructions

Micro-MOOC on Open Acces

From 22-10-2018  to 26-10-2018 

10:00 catalan version

12:00 english version

This free Twitter course, running for a second time, will be given this year in Catalan and English. Simply follow the @moocmicro account and the #OAMOOC hashtag - #OAMOOC18 for English - where content will be published every day.

Micromooc on Apen Acces

UOC's Open Knowledge Action Plan

22-10-2018 12:00 UOC's Open Knowledge Action Plan

Sala d'actes, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Avinguda Tibidabo

The UOC is launching its Open Knowledge Action Plan, the general idea of which is to open up the University and to co-create and share knowledge. This drive aims to contribute to the University's globalization and raise the UOC's profile of excellence in research and education.

One of the Open Knowledge Action Plan's cornerstones is open access to scientific publications. To ensure that the knowledge generated at the UOC is open and to highlight the UOC's commitment to open science, it’s necessary to boost UOC institutional repository, O2, to disseminate it and make it visible.

4th Scientific Publishing Seminar

22-10-2018 10:00

Sala d'actes, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Avinguda Tibidabo


A lecture on open science will be held in our 4th Scientific Publishing Seminar, organized by Library and Learning Resources. 
Ernest Abadal, Professor in the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Library and Information Sciences, will talk about the theoretical precedents to Open Science, the values connecting them and the current political programmes to put it into practice. 

Documental Paywall: The Business of Scholarship

24-10-2018 17:00, Cinemes Girona


A free screening of the documentary Paywall will take place at Cinemes Girona. Paywall, produced and directed by Jason Schmitt, is a critique of the current scientific publications system, and offers ideas for future improvements

This is an initiative led by Julio Meneses, professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, and David Masip, director of the Doctoral School, and jointly organized with the University of Barcelona. After the screening there will be a debate with Professor Alexandre López from the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences, and Brian Russell, activist and volunteer with, a Dutch NGO devoted to finding solutions to collective action issues, including open science.

documental paywall

Observatory of Open Access

The Observatory of Open Access aims to monitor the state of open access in participating universities. Currently there are data from the University of Barcelona, the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). 

The open scientific production of these institutions is measured and shown, and the costs and habits of the researchers are analyzed when publishing openly. 
The observatory shows, for each year since 2011, the scientific articles of each university published in open and closed access. The sources of information used are Web of Science and Scopus. The information is updated annually.

observatori del accés obert