Information Search

Besides the Library search engine, we provide a selection of resources and services that you’ll find very helpful when searching for information. 

Ascertain your need, select the appropriate sources, carry out the search and evaluate the results.

Where to search information

Optimize the time you spend searching for information with the following selection of tools and resources.

This resource will help you get a feel for the UOC Library's content search engine.
O2 Repository UOC
The UOC institutional repository provides open access to digital publications produced by the UOC community.
Web of Science
Bibliographical and bibliometrical database.
Database produced by Elsevier which includes some 18,000 publications about 5,000 international publishers.
Cooperative repository containing doctoral theses presented at universities in Catalonia and the rest of Spain.
Google Scholar
Search engine for articles and academic publications that allows you to carry out an advanced search.
Get the research
A free search engine that helps people find and understand papers in open access published around the world.
Search engines, meta-search engines and directories
Collection of multidisciplinary and thematic search engines, meta-search engines and directories.

How can we help you? Check our services

Consult the various services that the library offers both for getting the documents you need and for searching for information, as well as keeping up-to-date with the subjects that interest you.

The Loan service makes physical documents from the collection of the UOC's library and those held by other libraries available to all members of the UOC community.
Request documents in electronic format (journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, etc.) which are unavailable from the UOC's library and we will send them to you via email.
Request acquisition of the books or journals needed for your teaching, administrative or research activities.
Service of guidance on searching for documents relevant to your academic or research activity.
We can help you keep track of new calls for papers, conferences and articles in your areas of interest.
A collection of Bespoke Training service material, through which the library aims to meet the specific requirements of users who have requested such training.

Recommended resources

Other collections where you can find scientific output from Catalonia.

Observatori de la Recerca del Institut d'Estudis Catalans logo
Information portal specializing in research, development and innovation.
Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya capture
Compiles and displays the work of researchers in centres in Catalonia holding the ORCID identifier.