Information Management

You can make the most of the Library’s tools to help you manage the bibliographic references that you use for your research and learn how to cite documents and resources in line with international standards. You’ll also find useful information about managing research data.

Tools and resources for managing documentation and bibliographies.

Bibliographic reference management

Access the leading reference managers, find out their main functions and easily import references from websites, databases, catalogues and other information sources; share them with other users, add them to your work or create bibliography lists.

Reference manager and academic social network.
Open source bibliographic reference manager
mendeley and zotero icons
Comparison table with the principal features of the Mendeley and Zotero reference managers.
lybrary file cabinet
Table comparing different free reference manager programs.

How to cite

Resources for correctly citing a bibliographic reference and selection of apps for
creating citations automatically.

Citations need to contain a series of elements, as set out in the ISO 690: 2010 standard. 

A selection of resources on how to cite the images we use in academic papers, articles, etc. We use a wide-ranging definition for image: photographs, paintings, drawings, pictures, diagrams, graphics, etc.

A selection of resources on how to cite the social networks we use in academic papers, articles, etc. 

Data must be cited in the same way that we cite other bibliographic information sources, such as articles or books.

These applications can be used to search for documents (books, articles, etc.) and automatically generate the corresponding bibliographic citations.

Find out what research data are, how to manage them, how to share and/or reuse them, what a data management plan (DMP) is and what tools there are to make one, and finally, what the specific requirements of Horizon 2020 are in terms of data management.

Find out what research data are, how to manage them and the benefits of sharing them.
Consult the European regulatory framework for Horizon 2020 projects on research data management.
Learn how to organize, describe, protect, publish, archive and reuse research data.

Create your data management plan

Here you'll find the tools you need to create a data management plan (DMP).

Keeping up-to-date

Dialnet – Universidad de la Rioja
A database of summaries of journals in Spanish.
An alert service featuring the tables of contents (TOCs) of over 14,000 different Anglo-Saxon journals.

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Personalized support service for research data management.