Dissemination support

We offer a selection of resources and services to find out, increase the visibility of and monitor the impact of your scientific output and research data. We also help you manage your digital identity on academic social media.

You can increase the visibility of your scientific output with 3 steps. We'll show you how!

Before starting, bear in mind...

  • always signing with the same variation of your author’s name improves retrieval of your scientific output and aids identification.
  • the copyright you accepted when publishing your scientific production.
  • compliance with open access.

Disseminating your research: Where and how?

We explain where to disseminate your research and how to manage your digital identity.

O2 Repository UOC
The UOC institutional repository provides open access to digital publications produced by the UOC community.
Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya capture
Compiles and displays the work of researchers in centres in Catalonia holding the ORCID identifier.
Take care of your digital identity and choose social media in line with your dissemination aims.

Research data repositories

Selection of research data repositories.
Avatar google scholar citations profile
Create a Google Scholar profile to monitor citations from your publications.
OpenAIRE How to select a repositroy
Guide with the criteria that may be considered when selecting a data repository for both searching an publishing.

Monitoring and measuring impact

What is social impact? We offer a series of tools and resources that will enable you to consult, measure and monitor the impact of your dissemination actions.

Find out how many times a document has been referenced in other publications
Publish or Perish
Free software that retrieves citations from different data sources and calculates the most common indicators.
metrics of the 2.0 uses and styles guide
This observes, measures and rates the results obtained on a continuous basis.
Image metrics social networks
A post that explains how the social media's six main metrics work.
logo metrics toolkit
An online resource that will help you find the best metric for your impact question.
logo Almetrics
This allows you to monitor the social media impact of any research item published with a DOI.

How can we help you? Check our services

Consult the various services we offer to disseminate your research.

We provide support to researchers when publishing their research in open access.
Information service covering editorial policies and licences.
Plagiarism detection service for published or unpublished research documents.