Over a million downloads from the UOC's digital collection

Over a million downloads from the UOC's digital collection
In the last year the Library has set a new record for downloads, with the UOC community downloading thousands of items every day.

In the time it might take for you to watch an episode of your favourite series, let's say 60 minutes, the UOC community downloads an average of two hundred items from the Library's digital collection, amounting to over a million downloads a year.

Results from a report on the uses of the digital collection in 2017 were very positive, confirming that the UOC's students, teachers and researchers all take advantage of the online resources the Library puts at their disposal.

The UOC community, increasingly digital

The digital collection hits its highest figures ever. Over the course of 2017 it increased downloads by 23% and searches by 30% compared to the previous year.

The digital collection is alive and kicking

The UOC Library lets you access a huge range of resource platforms, books and journals, all in their online format, wherever and whenever you like. For example, you may want to explore the infographics provided by Statista, or read some of the works available in ProQuest Ebook Central.

We regularly analyse usage of our digital collection so that we can adapt it to the needs of the UOC community. As a result of this evaluation, this year we have added the MarketLine, Britannica Academic, MyNews and AENORmás platforms.

  • MyNews: Fifteen years of Spanish news just a click away. A collection with 1,400 sources and over 247 million full-text articles.
  • Britannica academic: an enormous online encyclopedia with an interactive atlas, a comparator of statistics by country, biographies and dictionaries.
  • MarketLine: a specialist economics and business collection. Company reports, industrial profiles, case studies and data on countries and cities.
  • AENORmás: lets you search and view online over 30,000 up-to-date standards published by AENOR (Spanish Standards and Certification Association).


And remember, our digital collection is always available!