Do you know how to search the Library?

El cercador de continguts UOC
Get to know our search engine before the academic year starts. It'll help you find all sorts of information to enhance your coursework.

Do you need to find out about the latest trends in digital marketing for an assignment? Would you like to add some data to your final project? We've produced a short guide with all the information you might need to make the most of the UOC Library's search engine.

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Taking the search engine apart

The guide starts with an interactive image. Scroll over the different icons to find out more about the search engine.

The features of the search engine

The search engine is personalized, effective and complete. It provides a single point of entry to all of the information available from the Library and filters to fine tune the results. You can also decide when and how you want to see the information in your custom areas (My basket and My profile).

What are you looking for?

We can offer more help in your search for information that goes beyond filtering by format (electronic or hard copy) or type of content (journal, article or ebook). We can also offer tips on how to carry out effective searches: the filters and advanced search can help you fine tune the results.

Request a document

Did you know that you can request a book on loan or use the document supply service? You can't find a document in the Library's catalogue that you need? This guide has answers to all your doubts.