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Els equips editorials de les revistes reflexionen sobre divulgació científica amb Jesús Zamora Bonilla
En el VIII Seminari d'Edició Científica de la UOC, hi ha participat Jesús Zamora Bonilla, catedràtic de Lògica i Filosofia de la Ciència i degà de la Facultat de Filosofia de la UNED.
Competències digitals per a trobar informació
Segueix les formacions per trobar informació de qualitat, precisa i en menys temps per als estudis i la vida professional.
The most digital Black Friday ever: e-commerce and online marketing content
Faculty of Economics and Business course instructor and digital marketing expert, Neus Soler, takes a look at Black Friday 2020.
philosophy resources
On World Philosophy Day we take a look at the books, journals and videos on this field of knowledge.
Copyright, Creative Commons and the public domain: what's the difference?
Learn which licences allow you to use and share digital content without infringing copyright.
digital preservation
Take part in World Digital Preservation Day by putting these tried-and-true recommendations into practice.
Primal Pictures
Every time a new resource is uploaded, it marks the culmination of collaborative work between teaching staff and the Library, within the UOC's educational model.
The importance of human resources in organizations
An introductory guide to the basic principles behind HR and the professionals that manage it.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting your final project
On 27 October we will be holding a seminar to go over the key ways you can find specialized content for your final project.
Follow these three easy steps to take full advantage of the Library
The new academic year is here, and what better way to kick things off than with a few tricks to help you locate the information you need, whenever you need it?