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The new search engine – #noucercadorUOC
All the steps: from the search for contents to taking a book out on loan. Find out how to find the information you’re looking for in the UOC Library.
The Library over Easter
From 26 March to 2 April you can continue to use the Library’s services, although some requests may take longer than usual.
Search engine personalization – #noucercadorUOC
Continue discovering the new search engine with Anna as she finds out about two new ways to check and manage reservations and loans.
Editorial team of the UOC journals. Photo: David campos
The University has used the academic journals to communicate our expertise since 1999. All our journals are open access
The UOC Library in two minutes!
To welcome you to the new semester, we're offering a short video.
The Library and dissemination of the UOC's research
A total of 9,000 references in the Researcher's Website (GIR) have been reviewed. The aim is to facilitate dissemination of the University's scientific output.
Easter with your library book
Don't leave it to the last minute. If you make your reservation before 19 March, you'll receive your book in time for Easter.
Archives, gender and technology
To celebrate International Women’s Day, the UOC Library presents a new dossier on art and technology from a gender perspective.
Search engine efficiency – #noucercadorUOC
How do you perform searches in the UOC Library? Perhaps you’re looking for a book but can’t see it in our catalogue… From now on, you’ll be able to access contents faster.
Metrics Toolkit, a tool for evaluating the impact of your research
Which is the right metric? How is it calculated? Where can you find it? This new portal will help you choose the most suitable indicator for measuring the impact of your research.