How does the login for the Library resources and services work?

Anyone who wants to find out about the UOC Library is free to look around. However, as members of the UOC community and depending on your profile, you can access certain custom services and restricted subscription resources.

Thus, as a member of the UOC community you need to sign in to access all of the services the Library offers for your profile.

The UOC Library has three complementary identification systems.

Accessing the Library

There are two ways to access the Library

  • Accessing the Library from the Campus

If you access the Virtual Library website from the UOC Campus, then your active Library profile will correspond to that which is active in the Campus at the time. You can see you’re signed in to the Library when your name is shown at the top right of the page.


  • Accessing the Virtual Library from outside the Campus

You can sign in directly from the Library website. In this case, you should bear in mind that your Library user profile is the same as the one you use to access the Campus. To sign in from the Virtual Library homepage, click on “Log in” and sign in as a UOC user with your Virtual Campus username and password.

Accessing electronic resources and loan services:

In some cases, you need to sign in to access resources the Library subscribes to or to use the loan service. The Library has two kinds of identification systems.

  • Authentication using your UOC card number. This is the system that is also used for signing in to the Library's loan service. A screen like this one will appear.


  • 20+National Identity Document number without the letter. 
  • If you have any problems signing in (eg you do not have a DNI or NIE number or it is your first time), contact the Library Replies.
  • When trying to access certain electronic resources we subscribe to, the following screen will appear asking you to sign in with your UOC Campus username and password.

If you access the Library from a UOC centre or the teleworking system, you may not be asked to sign in when accessing the electronic resources as the UOC IP address will be detected automatically in the majority of cases.

Accessing some some electronic resources that have their own identification system

On some occasions, you may find some electronic resources (journals or databases) have their own identification system. In these cases, you can find the username and password required on the Resource passwords page, provided your profile so allows.