What difference is there if I access the repository from the portal (user not logged in) or from the UOC Virtual Campus once logged in?

A user who accesses from the portal or directly from the address http://openaccess.uoc.edu/, gains access as an external user, and only has access to unrestricted navigation in the repository collection, and once one registers as a user of the repository (external users UOC), they will have access to the service My repository that will only allow them to subscribe to receive alerts by e-mail when new documents are published in the collections to which they are subscribed.

If you enter from the campus of the UOC, once logged in via a campus session, you will have access to the entire repository collection and the option of publishing a document in the repository, as well as to all the added value services offered to you by the repository: exploitation RefWorks, My repository with advanced options such as consulting the status of your remittances, reinitiate remittance of a document that hasn’t finished, etc.