Image rights: what are the implications of signing the image rights assignment document

In the case of the UOC, by signing the image, voice and usage rights license, the licensor authorizes the following:

  • The photographic and audiovisual recording (capture and fastening) of their image and voice, by any technical means or media (photographic, sound, audiovisual, etc.) and the treatment and processing of the images and audio and video recordings.

  • The use of their name and surname and any other personal details that have been requested by the UOC to this effect.

  • The reproduction, distribution and public communication of the above recordings and photographs, or parts of this material, without any exclusivity, in any form or format of use, in all the countries in the world without geographical limitation and for any teaching, publishing or dissemination purpose of the University, including making them available to the public on the Internet or their inclusion in a database of public or institutional use.

  • The transcription of the content of the above recordings and photographs and their use (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation), without any exclusivity, in any language, form or format of use currently known, including publication on any paper or digital, sound or visual medium, making them available to the public on the Internet, and their inclusion in a compilation or database (of institutional or public use), and for any teaching, publishing or dissemination activity or purpose of the University.

  • The use of the recordings, the photographs and the work made under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA) v.3.0 Spain (Spanish jurisdiction) license, which will allow them to be copied, distributed and publicly communicated and for derivative works to be made, at all times citing the signatory and the source, both for commercial and non-commercial uses. If both the recordings and photographs and the work are transformed, the result created will always remain under a Creative Commons license similar to or compatible with the above license.