Content subject to authors' rights: citation right

Students may include third-party content in their work by asking for the relevant permission of the rights holders. This notwithstanding, there is no need to request express authorization if any of the exceptions in law hyperlink 1.4.5 are observed, such as the citation right.

The citation right permits the student/author to make use of the work of a third person for teaching or research purposes; this use consists of the inclusion of excerpts of the work in their own work or project. To be able to apply the citation right, the law requires that the original works should already have been disseminated (ie already in circulation) and that they should be included as a citation or to make an analysis, comment or critical opinion, and to the degree that justifies its inclusion. In this case, the citation right may be used without the need for any authorization by the original author. In any event, the source and name of the author of the work used must always be indicated.

In the case of photographs, it is also possible to use the entire photograph under citation right, providing the conditions required by law are met.