Can photographs or drawings by other authors be included in articles or other publications or in the classrooms?

The reproduction of photographs or drawings is an exclusive right of the respective authors, for which reason it may not be done without their authorization or unless covered by the cases envisaged in the Intellectual Property Act.

Similarly, if the work to be used has been acquired by means of a contract or user license, the clauses must be read to ensure whether the provider permits the desired use.

Similarly, works that are in the public domain may also be used without requesting authorization. Works where the usage rights have ended, and which may therefore be used freely by anyone, providing the authorship and integrity are respected, are considered to fall under this heading.

Images under a Creative Commons license may also be used without requesting authorization from the author, providing this is limited to the uses permitted by the license. However, it should be remembered that to include them in the virtual library without having to ask for authorization, the license must permit commercial uses.

Images in the public domain or under Creative Commons licenses that permit commercial uses can be found on a number of websites, such as Flickr: The Commons, the Creative Commons search engine and the Google Images advanced search, filtering by usage rights.