Can the lecturer in charge of the subject or tutor disseminate the students' academic works in the classroom?

Only academic works for which the authorization of the student who is the author of the work or the usage rights holder is held can be disseminated in the classroom.

If the work is available on another website, a check will have to be made of the type of license with which the document has been published to assess whether the use sought is possible or not. Similarly, the virtual classroom will have to include the bibliographical citation to reference the work.

In the specific case of doctoral theses, once approved, the thesis must be included in an institutional repository so that it can be freely consulted, except in special circumstances, as established in Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January 2011, regulating official doctoral courses. Therefore, if the authorization of the doctoral student or the open access license that allows it to be included in the virtual classroom is not held, the thesis can always be referenced by means of the relevant bibliographical citation.