Can a lecturer in charge of a subject or Course instructor disseminate material of which they are the author and for which they have not assigned the rights to the UOC in the virtual classroom?

Ultimately, it is the University that is responsible for what is posted in the virtual classroom. Therefore, if the author has produced the work as part of UOC teaching activities and as a teacher at the University and has not signed any authorship or consultancy contract, as a lecturer/author they will have to publish the content with an open access license or expressly authorize the UOC to publish the work in the classroom.

If the work has been produced outside the teaching sphere of the UOC, the author may expressly authorize the UOC to use the work in the teacher's classrooms and disseminate it in the virtual classroom providing the author is the holder of the relevant usage rights and has not previously made any exclusive assignment to third persons. If this assignment has been made, the author may only disseminate the material in the classroom if they have the relevant authorization of the usage rights holder.