Quality policies

The Library is closely involved with the implementation of internal quality assurance (QA) systems, and thus participates in all the initiatives arising therefrom for the continuous improvement of processes.

The library participates in the UOC's QA model, which is based on the AUDIT internal QA system manual, ensuring continuous improvement in the services it offers its different types of users.

Each year, the library provides data on its services' performance for a course monitoring report. Additionally, it produces a report on its overall functioning, containing details of how the different departments and their teaching staff have helped shape its collection, information on user satisfaction and suggestions for improving the way it operates.

In accordance with its quality policy, which has always been integral to the way it operates, the UOC opted to participate in the AUDIT programme to design an internal QA system (IQAS). As the IQAS is applicable to each of the UOC's departments, it covers every activity the University carries out or looks to carry out. It thus guarantees the quality of teaching at the UOC, giving the University's different types of users greater scope for participation, as well as establishing continuous improvement and review mechanisms.

The adaptation of the design of the IQAS to the whole of the UOC was ratified by the AQU (Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency) on 1 October 2009. The revised manual will affect all the courses leading to official qualifications being taught at the UOC when the IQAS is implemented, and all those authorised for academic years subsequent to 2008-2009.

In relation to the library, the UOC's IQAS specifies the following:

Data on use and satisfaction is obtained for all services. Those responsible for each service periodically analyse its specific data. The data corresponding to all services is analysed as a whole in a report on results. Once the data has been analysed, proposals are made and set out in the corresponding evaluation report. The library produces a report on its QA activity each academic year. The report serves to raise awareness of the activity in question, its results, and the improvement-oriented measures and innovative steps taken to fulfil users' requirements and enhance service quality.

The library also actively participates in the REBIUN (University Libraries Network) Statistics Work Group.

Over the year 2010, the Virtual Library finishes the project of redefining quality indicators.
La Biblioteca Virtual de la UOC, 365 dies connectats: Memòria d'activitat (curs 2010-2011)
The annual report produced by the UOC Virtual Library for the 2010/2011 academic year.