Make a donation

Do you want to donate one or more academic documents to the UOC's library? Read the applicable rules and let us know what you have to offer by sending an email to


As a dynamic, constantly growing body, the UOC's library regards donations as an important means of enriching its collection.

A donation is understood to mean the act of providing the library with one or more documents free of charge. Donors may not attach conditions of any kind to their donations, except in special cases, which shall be considered on an individual basis.

The library reserves the right to accept or decline any donation. Documents that are accepted shall be incorporated into the library's collection. Any documents that do not fulfil the library's selection criteria may be returned to the donor or recycled or destroyed, in accordance with their wishes.

The library shall contact donors, be they institutions or individuals, to inform them as to whether or not their donations have been accepted.

The library shall not accept resources that are to remain the property of a third party, except in special cases in which they are deemed to be of particular interest to the UOC community.

How to make a donation

Individuals, institutions or organisations interested in donating documents should contact the library prior to doing so, by sending an email to

Donations must be accompanied by a written list of their content, to simplify the process of selecting resources for inclusion in the library's collection.

Donations may be delivered to the library's administrative headquarters (Biblioteca Virtual, Rambla del Poblenou 156, Barcelona) or any of its other centres. Deliveries should be marked as donations.

Selection criteria for inclusion in the library's collection

The main requisites applicable to donated documents are as follows:

Subject matter
The subject matter of donated documents must be relevant to library users' needs and the areas in which the UOC carries out study, teaching and research activities.

Physical condition
Only resources in good physical condition shall be accepted. Documents shall be turned down if they have been torn, written on, defaced or damaged in any other way, are mouldy or are obsolete.

In the event of the library already having two copies of a document offered as a donation, it shall decide whether or not to incorporate the document into its collection on the basis of loan and consultation data. Donors may use the UOC's catalogue to find out whether or not the library already has copies of the documents they are offering prior to making their donation.

The library shall not accept reproductions (photocopies, recordings, etc.) of any kind of material (bibliographic, audiovisual, etc.), except in special cases, which shall be considered on an individual basis.

Periodical publications
In the case of a journal that already features in its collection, the library shall look to fill any gaps in its resources (missing issues or years).

In the case of a journal that does not already feature in its collection:
- The library shall not accept individual issues, apart from monographic issues on a subject of relevance to the library's collection.
- The library shall give consideration to full series to decide whether or not to incorporate them into its collection.