About the Library

The UOC’s Library forms part of the University’s educational model. It is a key service made available by the University to support learning, teaching, research and management.

The Library was created and has been developed online since the UOC itself began. It is, then, a tool designed in and for a virtual world to meet the needs of its users and those who use the web for research, training and academic documentation.

The Virtual Library can be accessed from the Virtual Campus and its classrooms, and from the UOC’s portal.

The Library is closely involved with the implementation of internal quality assurance (QA) systems, and thus participates in all the initiatives arising therefrom for the continuous improvement of processes.
The UOC Strategic Plan is the road map that accompanies the University's strategy
The annual report produced by the UOC Library.
Belonging to associations, participating in networks and work groups, and establishing agreements are key factors in improving services and maximising the amount of content available to users of the UOC’s Library.
The UOC Library has signed a series of collaboration agreements with different universities and institutions, most of which provide library access and use of loan services respectively.
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