Mireia Castillón

Mireia Castillón
Library for Learning
Working areas: 
Gender perspective, Learning resources

How can Mireia help you?

Mireia is in charge of ensuring the learning resources take into account both a global and a gender perspective. She analyses the current situation to ensure their application and define improvements.

Whenever possible, the learning resources have to cover and showcase the diversity of the society we live in, and provide examples and insights from other cultural and social contexts from around the world.

Mireia monitors the publishing process to guarantee that course materials will be available in time in the classrooms (sending out written material assignments, receiving originals, checking delivery, etc).

Education and professional career

Mireia studied Teacher Training at the UB and has worked in a variety of roles in which she has been able to apply her mantra: "Learn from every new challenge".

Her professional profile includes working as a studies and careers adviser for the Catalan Ministry of Education and an employment opportunities advisor for the El Baix Llobregat Municipal Council and Barcelona Activa.

She subsequently moved into the design and publication of learning resources, managing pedagogical projects for a private consultancy. In 2001, she joined the UOC group company, Oberta Publishing (at that time Eureca Media). She never misses an opportunity to increase her skill base and embark on new training courses. Mireia currently forms part of the UOC Library team.

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Personal interests

Reading, walking and, above all, learning from everything around her.