Joan Puig

Joan Puig
Library for Learning
Working areas: 
Sourcing of content, Open access, e-learning, Information architecture, Digital libraries

Com et pot ajudar en Joan?

Joan lends the subject librarians a hand in their day-to-day tasks as they assist the faculty. For example, he assists in finding and selecting content, such as articles or e-books, to round out the UOC courses' learning resources.

Joan also takes part in preparing the dossiers that you can find on the Library's website. He is responsible for finding authoritative multimedia resources so you can delve into a particular subject, such as data journalism or digital marketing.

He also cooperates with the delivery service for course materials, ensuring that they get to you without a hitch, and works to adapt materials to an increasingly digital UOC community.

Like his other colleagues at the Library, he attends to the queries received by The Library Replies, helping you settle your doubts.

Education and professional career

He holds a bachelor's degree in Information Science (UOC), specializing in information services management. He was responsible for a bank's document management system, which included selecting documents, digitizing, cataloguing dossiers and other tasks related with finance, legal and property matters.

After working there he went on to do an internship at the UOC Library, where he was finally appointed to his present position.

Personal interests

Reading, from novels to journalistic articles, good eating in good company, travelling when he can, listening to old and modern music, and drawing and writing from time to time.