Gerard Pagès

Gerard Pagès
Library for Learning
Working areas: 
Document search, Content management, Open Access, eLearning, Digital humanities

How can Gerard help you?

He is subject librarian for Arts and Humanities. His role includes establishing effective communication with the faculty and helping them manage the learning resources that will be used in the classrooms. He identifies and meets their teaching and learning-related information needs.

He is also involved in designing, producing and evaluating an extensive variety of learning resources and in training users in digital and information literacy. He assists users in seeking, finding, choosing and using resources.

Like the other members of the team, he also attends to queries sent to The Library Replies.

Education and professional career

He holds a master's degree in Digital Literature IL3, an official llicenciatura degree in Documentation and an official diplomatura degree in Library and Information Science, all of them from the University of Barcelona (UB). He has also received training in Arts and Crafts, and Stage Arts and Dramaturgy.

He has further developed his academic background with a number of study exchanges in Belgium, Morocco and Spain and, after working in a number of projects with the public administration, his career has been linked with the UOC. He has been data manager, with responsibilities for the assessment and quality of the Library service (he was member of the REBIUN statistics working group), and communication coordinator for academic and library services.

In addition, he has taken part in different projects such as “Lists & Infographics. High-Impact Open Access Journals”, the LibLabs library project and innovation platform.

As member of the Official Association of Librarians-Documentalists of Catalonia, he has taken part in the Q.doc Working Group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Documentation.

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Personal interests

I try to spend weekends at home, looking after the garden, holding barbecues with friends and colleagues and, if the festivities go on long enough (and my neighbours are particularly unfortunate), occasionally indulging in a spot of karaoke. If it rains, I stay indoors and draw, or cook a dish I have discovered on one of my holidays.