Bárbara Badell

Bárbara Badell
Library for Learning
Working areas: 
Design and publishing, Management tools, UOC learning resources, Digital libraries

How can Bárbara help you?

The UOC Library is the home of the learning resources kitchen. Some of the materials that you can find in the classroom are outsourced to experts in the subject and are created specifically for each course; they are multiformat contents such as wikis, blogs, manuals or videos.

Bárbara monitors the publishing of learning resources for the UOC's Law and Political Science courses and some of the Economics and Business courses, making sure they're there waiting for you in the classroom before the start of the course. In her daily work, this involves managing written material assignments or receiving originals.

Education and professional career

She has devoted her academic training and professional career to information and communication sciences: she holds an official llicenciatura degree in Information Science and an official diplomatura degree in Library and Information Science, both from the University of Barcelona (UB).

Among her professional responsibilities, of particular interest is her recent appointment as document manager for the Planeta group. She has also worked in major institutions abroad, such as the European Medicines Agency (United Kingdom), the European University Institute (Florence), and the Cervantes Institute (Milan).

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