Aida Camps

Aida Camps
Library for Learning
Working areas: 
Document search, Open Access, e-Learning, Repositories, OER

How can Aida help you?

Aida strives to guarantee that learning resources destined for the UOC's classrooms are of the highest quality. This involves coordinating the work of reference librarians who assist our teaching staff in selecting materials for each subject.

She also adapts the learning resources to the needs of the UOC community, which is becoming increasingly digital. The goal is for multimedia, multi-device and interactive online materials to become a key part of what makes studying at our University so different.

You can contact Aida with any questions regarding the intellectual property of the learning resources. She also participates in the implementation of OER (open educational resources) so that UOC knowledge can be available around the world.

Education and professional career

Aida has focused her academic career on information science: She holds an official diplomatura degree in Library and Information Science and a bachelor's degree in Information Science both from the University of Barcelona (UB), and a master's degree in Archival Studies and Document Management from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). She has specialized in digital resources, completing a postgraduate course in Electronic Document and Records Management Systems, EDRMS, from the UOC.

She began her professional career with a number of internships, in both international organizations, at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR); and in national organizations, such as the Archive of the Government of Catalonia's Ministry of the Presidency.

She has worked as a documentalist and product manager at, and she joined the UOC Library team more than three years ago.

At present, she is a member of the Spanish University Libraries Network's (REBIUN) Repositories Group.

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Personal interests

Sport, swimming, reading and travelling.