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New additions and improvements to the Aranzadi legal platform
Find information more easily, consult the latest comparative analysis tables and watch videos with expert commentaries on the latest news and sentences.
Més de 10.000 llibres electrònics nous a la Biblioteca
We are kicking off the year with new and exciting contributions from Springer Publishing. These current titles cover the main trends in every field of study.


Interviews with actors, actresses and filmmakers
Are you studying Communication? Take a look at this series of interviews with actors, actresses and filmmakers.

Evidence-Based practice
Evidence-based practice involves improving our decision-making through critical use of the best evidence available.
Open Book Publishers (OBP)
Multidisciplinary collection of open access dossiers with a free download option for the UOC community.
Access all the essential resources that you need to study and pass the subjects on which you have enrolled.


toolkit anglès
The UOC has put together a collection of resources to help you improve your level of English.