New website section explaining UOC learning resources

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Recording a video as a learning resource

Find out about the UOC's learning resources with some 20 videos; see what kinds there are, and how teaching staff choose them.

This new section of the Library website also includes examples of resources in different formats, such as websites, infographics and podcasts.

The UOC's new semester kicks off with 124,353 learning resources in its classrooms. There is a wide variety of content, including books, journals, manuals and software, which students must consult in order to pass their course assignments. Want to know what these learning resources are like? Find out in the new section of our Library website, containing some 40 videos and examples.

The UOC'S resources in four minutes

How to study at the UOC using its learning resources

Some of the university's experts provide top tips.


What are the highlights?

Go to the new website section and find out what four members of our university community think about its learning resources.

The goal: global, accessible and egalitarian resources

The UOC, as a diverse, inclusive university, works to ensure its learning resources provide a better reflection of this commitment. The new website section showcases a number of projects and initiatives: 

  • The UOC is working to ensure its courses' contents are more diverse and global and that everyone feels represented. The resources need to show society's diversity and make it more visible, and wherever possible, they must include examples and viewpoints of other cultural and social contexts from around the world. 
  • The UOC's Equality Plan 2020-2024 has the mission of ensuring that all courses have resources and contents that are free of gender bias and highlight the contribution of leading women. To this end, different actions are being carried out, with the participation of the Equality Unit and the UOC Library.
  • The UOC’s mission is to facilitate lifelong education for all. The resources created at the UOC are provided in different formats to foster their use by students with disabilities. At the same time, we are working on the resources' accessibility, to provide new solutions meeting the needs of all our students.

Want to know more?

The What are the UOC's learning resources like? section provides other videos with additional information. For example, have you ever wondered how a classroom resource is made? Here, we explain to you the production process behind a resource made by the UOC, step by step.