Millions of high-definition images you can use in your work

Subject:  Arts and humanities
Noche estrellada de Vincent Van Gogh
Author: Sandra Pérez (foto: JSTOR - Museu d'Orsay)

The JSTOR collection now allows you to search for text and images at the same time.

Find photographs, works of art, maps and architectural plans, and include them in your work, citing the source.

The images include 130,000 photographs from the Magnum Agency and works from the Louvre Museum

JSTOR is an international collection of digitized journals and books on the humanities and social sciences, containing old issues dating back to the early 19th century as well as more recent ones. Its extensive range makes it a good starting point for finding information for a task or activity, performing retrospective searches, and analysing the development of a topic over time.

And apart from all this, the collection will now also be including high-definition images provided by international galleries, archives, libraries and museums. This content is currently part of Artstor, and will be fully integrated into JSTOR in the future.

The images involved amount to 2.5 million high-definition images from various disciplines, including graphic design, art, fashion and science. You can download them in JPG format and include them in your academic papers and articles, as long as you cite the source. Here's how.

Some examples

How does it work?

  • When you search for a term in JSTOR, you will automatically retrieve related images as well as journals, books, and articles. Click on the Images tab if you only want to search for content in that format. Try typing "blue Van Gogh", for example.
Imatges JSTOR
  • You can also browse image collections on a specific topic or institution, such as photographs showing the evolution of an advertising department.
  • You will have a personal workspace inside JSTOR to store your favourite images, where you can create folders to arrange them and then share them.
Save a resource in JSTOR


  • If you want, you can enlarge the images to see them in the finest detail.
zoom in images

How can images be used in learning?

Here are some examples of how faculty and research staff at various universities have used the images:

If you have any questions about these journals, you can contact the Library via The Library Replies.