Explore trends in education with the "Ideas Clave" collection of books

Subject:  Psychology and Educational Sciences
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Author: Sandra Pérez Roig (foto: jeffbergen - canva-com)

In the Library you will find the "Ideas Clave" collection, made up of some 30 ebooks on preprimary, primary and secondary education 

The manuals cover current topics in education: neuroscience, coeducation, digital transformation and emotional education, among others 

Through the Library, you can access the "Ideas Clave" (Key Ideas) collection of ebooks published by Editorial Graó. If you're studying education sciences, here are three good reasons to take a look: 

  • It covers important current topics in the field of education,
  • The information is presented in a clear and concise manner,
  • It provides practical advice for use both in the classroom and at schools.

The collection of books is on the Graó platform, which you can access from the Library. 

Each book in this collection focuses on a specific topic, such as neuroscience in education, coeducation, emotional education, oral competence, civic education, the role of tutors in schools, interdisciplinary and service learning projects (SLP), media education and reading skills, among many others.

Colección Ideas clave

The books are classified by key ideas that answer questions or challenges related to the topic of each book. This is to help readers examine the concepts presented there and put them into practice.

To access the Graó platform, enter its name in the UOC Library search engine, or search for it from the page Search the digital collection by field (type Graó in the Search by name or keyword field). We explain what content it includes and how it works in this training video:

Now's your chance to learn about education sciences with some new reading matter.