Take these tips and tidy up your file storage

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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Keep hold of the files you want and clean out those you don't, using the famed Marie Kondo method.

If during these lockdown days at home you've finished sorting out your cupboards, the next thing to do is to bring order to your electronic storage, so that years from now you'll be able to find all your past photos, work and documents.

One way to do so is by using the KonMari method, popularized by tidiness and organization expert Marie Kondo. So, what does her method involve? Learning to identify what makes you happy and is useful so you can get rid of the rest.

  • The first step involves selection. Work out where all the files that you want are located; don't forget those you have saved on social media, as email attachments or in the cloud. In this guide you can find instructions on how to export files from social media sites. It's important to do the clean-up all in one go, and to then start organizing.
  • Organize your files by categories. Unless you want to be a cyberhoarder, everything needs to have a place. It's best to get rid of duplicates and drafts step by step before saving the version you want to keep.
  • Create backups and save them somewhere else. From time to time, check whether you're able to open important files. To save the final project from your studies, you can deposit it in the UOC's O2 repository. This way you'll have a URL where you'll always be able to access it.
The KonMari method and your digital files