Cristina de Middel, protagonist of the 2018-19 inaugural lecture

 Photographic material

The UOC's latest dossier brings you the career and works of Cristina de Middel, a mixture of documentary and artistic imagery.

Cristina de Middel, a photographer who is originally from Alicante, worked for NGOs and Spanish newspapers for ten years before her restlessness and imaginative storytelling powers inspired her to push the limits of documentary photography, bringing an artistic perspective to reality.

Evidence of this can be found in her book Afronautas, in which she used diving helmets and spacesuits to recreate the 1960s Zambian space programme's unfulfilled dream of journeying to the moon.

Contrastingly, in The Perfect Man she colours her protagonists blue to give her personal take on masculinity in India, and on the relationship between man, machines and work, using Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times as a reference point.

See the dossier on Cristina de Middel for information on her exhibitions, her awards, and the organizations she works with.

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As well as having 12 books published, she has won Spain's Premio Nacional de Fotografia (the country's highest official accolade for photography), is in the process of joining the Magnum Photos international photographic co-operative, and is a curator for PHotoEspaña.

Inaugural lesson course 2018-19