Portada Project management casebook

Acknowledgments vii
Preface viii

- The Benfield Column Repair Project ....5
- Food Waste Composting at Larry's Markets ....15
- Winning the Sydney to Hobart: A Case Study in Project Management ....17
- Kodak's New Focus ....29
- Managing Kuwait Oil Fields Reconstruction Projects ....39
- Managing Resources and Communicating Results of Sydney's $7 Billion Clean Waterways Program ....49
- Making Affordable Housing Attainable through Modern Project Management ....61
- Goal Definition and Performance Indicators in Soft Projects: Building a Competitive Intelligence System ....71

- Communicating Risk Management in Municipal Government Projects: City of New Orleans Computer-Aided Dispatch System Project ....85
- Cape Town's Olympic Bid: A Race Against the Clock ....99
- Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: A Project Management Perspective ....105
- Strategic Project Control Initiatives ....115
- Libya: Redefining Challenge ....125
- Land Reserve Modernization Project: The Future of Army Infrastructure
-RePD in the Insurance Industry: PM Makes the Difference ....143
- Implementing Integrated Product Development: A Case Study of Bosma Machine and Tool Corporation ....157
- How ICL Used Project Management Techniques to Introduce a New Product Range ....169

- Communication Strategies for Major Public Works Projects: The Los Angeles Metro Rail Program under Siege ....189
- Learning the Lessons of Apollo 13 ....199
- Taxol®: An Example of "Fast-Rack" Drug Development ....205
- Privatization in Patagonia: The Selling of Argentina's Largest Hydroelectric Plant ....215
- Quesnel Air Terminal: Design/Build Works in the Public Sector ....227
- The National Aero-Space Plane Program: A Revolutionary Concept ....235

- Quality Management Works ....249
- Destroying the Old Hierarchies ....259
- Saturn's Vision for Program Management: A Different Kind of Approach ....265
- Using Project Management to Create an Entrepreneurial Environment in Czechoslovakia ....279
- The Channel Tunnel Larger than Life, and Late ....289
- Minimizing Construction Claims under the Project Management Concept ....297

- Giving Mother Nature a Helping Hand ....323
- Managing Environmental Regulatory Approval Durations ....337
- Pittsburgh International Airport Midfield Terminal Energy Facility ....347
- Environmental Mega-Project under Way: Sludge Management in New York City ....359
- Gaining Project Acceptance ....375
- The Power of Politics: The Fourth Dimension of Managing the Large Public Project ....381
- The Environmental and Molecular Sciences Laboratory Project: Continuous Evolution in Leadership ....387
- Chrysler and Artemis: Striking Back with the Viper ....397
- St. Lucie Unit 2: A Nuclear Plant Built on Schedule ....401
- Measuring Successful Technical Performance: A Cost/Schedule/Technical Control System ....427
- The Legal Standards for "Prudent" Project Management ....441

- Communicating Constraints: Schedule Baseline and Recovery Measures on the Hong Kong Airport Projects ....467
- Can We Talk?: Communications Management for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, a Complex Nuclear Waste Management Project ....479
- The Demise of the Superconducting Supercollider: Strong Politics or Weak Management? ....493
- Boeing Spares Distribution Center: A World-Class Facility Achieved through Partnering ....505
- Responding to the Northridge Earthquake ....521
- A Town Makes History by Rising to New Heights ....535
- Real-World Challenges to a Multinational Project Team: Building a Manufacturing Facility in India ....543
- Total Quality Management and Project Management ....549
- Organization and Management of a Multi-Organizational Single Responsibility Project ....561
- Prudent and Reasonable Project Management ....571
- The Space Shuttle Challenger Incident ....583

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