Portada Intelligent tutoring systems
Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil, August 30 - September 3, 2004

Adaptive Testing
A Learning Environment for English for Academic Purposes Based on Adaptive Tests and Task-Based Systems ....1
J.P. Gonçalves, S.M. Aluisio, L.H.M. de Oliveira, O.N. Oliveira, Jr.

A Model for Student Knowledge Diagnosis Through Adaptive Testing ....12
E. Guzman, R. Conejo

A Computer-Adaptive Test That Facilitates the Modification of Previously Entered Responses: An Empirical Study ....22
M. Lilley, T. Barker

An Autonomy-Oriented System Design for Enhancement of Learner’s Motivation in E-learning ....34
E. Blanchard, C. Frasson

Inducing Optimal Emotional State for Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....45
S. Chair, C. Frasson

Evaluating a Probabilistic Model of Student Affect ....55
C. Conati, H. Maclare

Politeness in Tutoring Dialogs: “Run the Factory, That’s What I’d Do” ....67
W.L. Johnson, P. Bizzo

Providing Cognitive and Affective Scaffolding Through Teaching Strategies: Applying Linguistic Politeness to the Educational Context ....77
K. Porayska-Pomsta, H. Pain

Architectures for ITS
Knowledge Representation Requirements for Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....87
I. Hatzilygeroudis, J. Prentzas

Coherence Compilation: Applying AIED Techniques to the Reuse of Educational TV Resources ....98
R. Luckin, L Underwood, B. du Boulay, J. Holmberg, H. Tunley

The Knowledge Like the Object of Interaction in an Orthopaedic Surgery-Learning Environment ....108
V. Luengo, D. Mufti-Alchawafa, L. Vadcard

Towards Qualitative Accreditation with Cognitive Agents ....118
A. Minko, G. Gouarderes

Integrating Intelligent Agents, User Models, and Automatic Content Categorization in a Virtual Environment ....128
C. Trojahn dos Santos, F.S. Osorio

Authoring Systems
EASE: Evolutional Authoring Support Environment ....140
L. Aroyo, A. Inaba, L. Soldatova, R. Mizoguchi

Selecting Theories in an Ontology-Based ITS Authoring Environment ....150
J. Bourdeau, R. Mizoguchi, V. Psyché, B. Nkambou

Opening the Door to Non-programmers: Authoring Intelligent Tutor Behavior by Demonstration ....162
K.A. Koedinger, V. Aleven, N. Hegernan, B. McLaren, M. Hockenberry

Acquisition of the Domain Structure from Document Indexes Using Heuristic Reasoning ....175
M. Larranaga, U. Rueda, LA. Elorriaga, A. Arruarte

Role-Based Specification of the Behaviour of an Agent for the Interactive Resolution of Mathematical Problems ....187
M.A. Mora, R. Moriyon, F. Saiz

Lessons Learned from Authoring for Inquiry Learning: A Tale of Authoring Tool Evolution ....197
T. Murray, B. Woolf, D. Marshall

The Role of Domain Ontology in Knowledge Acquisition for ITSs ....207
P. Suraweera, A. Mitrovic, B. Martin

Combining Heuristics and Formal Methods in a Tool for Supporting Simulation-Based Discovery Learning ....217
K. Veermans, W.R. van Joolingen

Cognitive Modeling
Toward Tutoring Help Seeking
(Applying Cognitive Modeling to Meta-cognitive Skills) ....227
V. Aleven, B. McLaren, I. Roll, K. Koedinger

Why Are Algebra Word Problems Difficult?
Using Tutorial Log Files and the Power Law of Learning to Select the Best Fitting Cognitive Model ....240
E.A. Croteau, N.T. Hegernan, K.R. Koedinger

Towards Shared Understanding of Metacognitive Skill and Facilitating Its Development ....251
M. Kayashima, A. Inaba, A. Mizoguchi

Collaborative Learning
Analyzing Discourse Structure to Coordinate Educational Forums ....262
M.A. Gerosa, M.G. Pimentel, H. Fuks, C. Lucena

Intellectual Reputation to Find an Appropriate Person for a Role in Creation and Inheritance of Organizational Intellect ....273
Y. Hayashi, M. Ikeda

Learners’ Roles and Predictable Educational Benefits in Collaborative Learning (An Ontological Approach to Support Design and Analysis of CSCL) ....285
A. Inaba, R. Mizoguchi

Redefining the Turn-Taking Notion in Mediated Communication of Virtual Learning Communities ....295
P. Reyes, P. Tchounikine

Harnessing P2P Power in the Classroom ....305
J. Vassileva

Analyzing Online Collaborative Dialogues: The OXEnTCHE – Chat ....315
A.C. Vieiru, L. Teixeira, A. Timoteo, P. Tedesco, F. Barros

Natural Language Dialogue and Discourse
A Tool for Supporting Progressive Refinement of Wizard-of-Oz Experiments in Natural Language ....326
A. Fiedler, M. Gabsdil, H. Horacek

Tactical Language Training System: An Interim Report ....336
W.L. Johnson, C. Beal, A. Fowles-Winkler, V. Lauper, S. Marsella, S. Narayanan, D. Papachristou, H. Vilhjalmsson

Combining Competing Language Understanding Approaches in an Intelligent Tutoring System ....346
P. W. Jordan, M. Makatchev, K. VanLehn

Evaluating Dialogue Schemata with the Wizard of Oz Computer-Assisted Algebra Tutor. ....358
J.H. Kim, M. Glass

Spoken Versus Typed Human and Computer Dialogue Tutoring ....368
D.J. Litman, C.P. Aose, K. Forbes-Riley, K. UanLehn, D. Bhembe, S. Silliman

Linguistic Markers to Improve the Assessment of Students in Mathematics: An Exploratory Study ....380
S. Normand-Assadi, L. Coulanye, E. Delozanne, B. Grugeon

Advantages of Spoken Language Interaction in Dialogue-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....390
H. Pon-Barry, B. Clark, K. Schultz, E.O. Bratt, S. Peters

Cycle Talk: Toward a Dialogue Agent That Guides Design with an Articulate Simulator ....401
C.P. Rose, C Torrey, V. Aleven, A. Robinson, C. Wu, K. Forbus

DReSDeN: Towards a Trainable Tutorial Dialogue Manager to Support Negotiation Dialogues for Learning and Reflection ....412
CP. Rose, C Torrey

Combining Computational Models of Short Essay Grading for Conceptual Physics Problems ....423
M.L Ventura, D.R. Franchescetti, P. Pennumatsa, A.C. Graesser, G. T. Jackson, X. Hu, Z. Cai, and the Tutoring Research Group

From Human to Automatic Summary Evaluation ....432
I. Zipitria, LA. Elorriaga, A. Arruarte, A.D. de Ilarraza

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Tutorial Dialogue System for Self-Explanation ....443
V. Aleeen, A. Ogan, O. Popescu, C. Torrey, K Koedinger

Student Question-Asking Patterns in an Intelligent Algebra Tutor ....455
L. Anthony, A. T. Corbett, A.Z. Wagner, S.M. Stevens, K.A. Koedinger

Web-Based Intelligent Multimedia Tutoring for High Stakes Achievement Tests ....468
I. Arroyo, C. Beal, T. Murruy, R. Walles, B.P. Woolf

Can Automated Questions Scaffold Children’s Reading Comprehension? ....478
J.E. Beck, X Mostow, J. Bey

Web-Based Evaluations Showing Differential Learning for Tutorial Strategies Employed by the Ms. Lindquist Tutor ....491
N. T. Hegernan, E.A. Croteau

The Impact of Why/Auto Tutor on Learning and Retention of Conceptual Physics ....501
G. T. Jackson, M. Ventura, P. Chemic, A. Graesser, and the Tutoring Research Group

ITS Evaluation in Classroom: The Case of Ambre-AWP ....511
S. Nogry, S. Jean-Daubias, N. Duclosson

Implicit Versus Explicit Learning of Strategies in a Non-procedural Cognitive Skill ....521
K. VanLehn, D. Bhembe, M. Chi, C. Lynch, K. Schulze, B. Shelby, L. Taylor, D. Treacy, A. Weinstein, M. Wintersgill

Machine Learning in ITS
Detecting Student Misuse of Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....531
R.S. Baker, A.T. Corbett, K.R. Koedinger

Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Rule Generation in Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....541
M.P. Jarvis, G. Nuzzo-Jones, N.T. Hegernan

A Category-Based Self-Improving Planning Module ....554
R. Legaspi, R. Sison, M. Numao

AgentX: Using Reinforcement Learning to Improve the Effectiveness of Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....564
K.N. Martin, I. Arroyo

An Intelligent Tutoring System Based on Self-Organizing Maps –Design, Implementation and Evaluation ....573
W. Martine, S.D. de Carvalho

Modeling the Development of Problem Solving Skills in Chemistry with a Web-Based Tutor ....580
R. Stevens, A. Soller, M. Cooper, M. Sprang

Pedagogical Agents
Pedagogical Agent Design: The Impact of Agent Realism, Gender, Ethnicity, and Instructional Role ....592
A.L. Baylor, Y. Kim

Designing Empathic Agents: Adults Versus Kids ....604
L. Hall, S. Woods, K. Dautenhahn, D. Sobral, A. Paiva, D. Wolke, L. Newall

RMT: A Dialog-Based Research Methods Tutor With or Without a Head. ....614
P. Wiemer-Hastings, D. Allbritton, E. Arnott

Student Modeling
Using Knowledge Tracing to Measure Student Reading Proficiencies ....624
LE. Beck, L Sison

The Massive User Modelling System (MUMS) ....635
C. Brooks, M. Winter, L Goer, G. McCalla

An Open Learner Model for Children and Teachers: Inspecting Knowledge Level of Individuals and Peers ....646
S. Bull, M. McKay

Scaffolding Self-Explanation to Improve Learning in Exploratory Learning Environments ....656
A. Bunt, C Conati, K Muldner

Metacognition in Interactive Learning Environments: The Reflection Assistant Model. ....668
C. Gama

Predicting Learning Characteristics in a Multiple Intelligence Based Tutoring System ....678
D. Kelly, B. Tangney

Alternative Views on Knowledge: Presentation of Open Learner Models ....689
A. Mabbott, S. Bull

Modeling Students’ Reasoning About Qualitative Physics: Heuristics for Abductive Proof Search ....699
M. Makatchev, P. W. Jordan, K. VanLehn

From Errors to Conceptions – An Approach to Student Diagnosis ....710
C. Webber

Discovering Intelligent Agent: A Tool for Helping Students Searching a Library ....720
K. Yammine, M.A. Razek, E. Aïmeur, C. Frasson

Teaching and Learning Strategies
Developing Learning by Teaching Environments That Support Self-Regulated Learning. ....730
G. Biswas, K. Leelawong, K. Belynne, K. Viswanath, D. Schwartz, J. Davis

Adaptive Interface Methodology for Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....741
G. Curilem S., P.M. de Azevedo, A.R. Barbosa

Implementing Analogies in an Electronic Tutoring System ....751
E. Lulis, M. Evens, J. Michael

Towards Adaptive Generation of Faded Examples ....762
E. Melis, G. Goguadze

A Multi-dimensional Taxonomy for Automating Hinting ....772
D. Tsovaltzi, A. Fiedler, H. Horacek

Poster Papers
Inferring Unobservable Learning Variables from Students’ Help Seeking Behavior ....782
I. Arroyo, T. Murray, B.P. Woolf, C. Beal

The Social Role of Technical Personnel in the Deployment of Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....785
R.S. Baker, A.Z. Wagner, A.T. Corbett, K.R. Koedinger

Intelligent Tools for Cooperative Learning in the Internet ....788
F. de Almeida Barms, F. Paraguay, A. Neves, C.J. Costa

A Plug-in Based Adaptive System: SAAW ....791
L. de Oliveira Brandao, S. Isotani, J. G. Moura

Helps and Hints for Learning with Web Based Learning Systems: The Role of Instructions ....794
A. Brunstein, LF. Kxzms

Intelligent Learning Environment for Film Reading in Screening Mammography ....797
L Campos, P. Taylor, J. Soutter, R. Procter

Reuse of Collaborative Knowledge in Discussion Forums ....800
W. Chen

A Module-Based Software Framework for E-learning over Internet Environment ....803
S.-L Cho, S. Lee

Improving Reuse and Flexibility in Multiagent Intelligent Tutoring System Development Based on the COMPOR Platform ....806
E. de Barros Costa, H. Oliveira de Almeida, A. Perkusich

Towards an Authoring Methodology in Large-Scale E-learning Environments on the Web ....809
E. de Barros Costa, B.J.A. dos Santon, A.C Aery, G. Bittencourt

ProPAT: A Programming ITS Based on Pedagogical Patterns ....812
K. V. Delgado, L.N. de Barros

AMANDA: An ITS for Mediating Asynchronous Group Discussions ....815
M.A. Eleuterio, F. Bortolozzi

An E-learning Environment in Cardiology Domain ....818
E. Ferneda, E. de Barros Costa, H. Oliveira de Almeida, L. Matos Brasil, A. Pereira Lima, Jr., G. Millaray Curilem

Mining Data and Providing Explanation to Improve Learning in Geosimulation ....821
E. V. Filho, V. Pinheiro, V. Furtado

A Web-Based Adaptive Educational System Where Adaptive Navigation Is Guided by Experience Reuse ....824
L-M. Heraud

Improving Knowledge Representation, Tutoring, and Authoring in a Component-Based ILE ....827
C Hunn, M. Maerikis

A Novel Hybrid Intelligent Tutoring System and Its Use of Psychological Profiles and Learning Styles ....830
W. Martins, F. samos de Melo, U. Meireles, L.E.G. Nalini

Using the Web-Based Cooperative Music Prototyping Environment CODES in Learning Situations ....833
E.M. Miletto, M.S. Pimenta, L. Costalonga, R. Vicari

A Multi-agent Approach to Providing Different Forms of Assessment in a Collaborative Learning Environment ....836
M. Mirzarezaee, K. Badie, M. Dehghan, M. Kharrat

The Overlaying Roles of Cognitive and Information Theories in the Design of Information Access Systems ....839
C. Nakamura, S. Lajoie

A Personalized Information Retrieval Service for an Educational Environment ....842
L. Nakayama, V. Nobile de Almeida, R. Vicari

Optimal Emotional Conditions for Learning with an Intelligent Tutoring System ....845
M. Ochs, C. Frasson

FlexiTrainer: A Visual Authoring Framework for Case-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....848
S. Ramachandran, E. Remolina, D. Fu

Tutorial Dialog in an Equation Solving Intelligent Tutoring System ....851
L.M. Razzaq, K T. Heg'ernan

A Metacognitive ACT-R Model of Students’ Learning Strategies in Intelligent Tutoring Systems ....854
I. Roll, R.S. Baker, V. Aleven, K.R. Koedinger

Promoting Effective Help-Seeking Behavior Through Declarative Instruction ....857
I. Roll, V. Aleven, K. Koedinger

Supporting Spatial Awareness in Training on a Telemanipulator in Space ....860
L Roy, B. Nkambou, F. Kabanza

Validating DynMap as a Mechanism to Visualize the Student’s Evolution Through the Learning Process ....864
U. Rueda, M. Larranaga, LA. Elorriaya, A. Arruarte

Qualitative Reasoning in Education of Deaf Students: Scientific Education and Acquisition of Portuguese as a Second Language ....867
H. Salle, P. Salles, B. Bredeweg

A Qualitative Model of Daniell Cell for Chemical Education ....870
P. Salles, R. Gauche, P. Virmond

Student Representation Assisting Cognitive Analysis ....873
A. Serguieva, T.M. Khan

An Ontology-Based Planning Navigation in Problem-Solving Oriented Learning Processes ....877
K. Seta, K. Tachibana, M. Umano, M. Ikeda

A Formal and Computeriied Modeling Method of Knowledge, User, and Strategy Models in PIModel-Tutor ....880
J. Si

SmartChat – An Intelligent Environment for Collaborative Discussions ....883
S. de Albuquerque Siebra, C. da Rosa Christ, A.E.M. Queiroz, P.A. Tedesco, F. de Almeida Barroa

Intelligent Learning Objects: An Agent Based Approach of Learning Objects. ....886
R.A. Silveira, E.R. Gomes, V.H. Pinto, R.M. Vicari

Using Simulated Students for Machine Learning ....889
R. Stathacopoulou, M. Grigoriadou, M. Samarakou, G.D. Magoulas

Towards an Analysis of How Shared Representations Are Manipulated to Mediate Online Synchronous Collaboration ....892
D.D. Suthers

A Methodology for the Construction of Learning Companions ....895
P. Torreao, M. Aquino, P, Tedesco, L Sa, A. Correia

Intelligent Learning Environment for Software Engineering Processes ....898
R. Yatchou, B. Nkambou, C Tangha

Invited Presentations
Opportunities for Model-Based Learning Systems in the Human Exploration of Space ....901
B. Clancey

Toward Comprehensive Student Models: Modeling Meta-cognitive Skills and Affective States in ITS ....902
C. Conati

Having a Genuine Impact on Teaching and Learning – Today and Tomorrow ....903
E. Soloway, C. Norris

Interactively Building a Knowledge Base for a Virtual Tutor ....904
L. Tarouco

Ontological Engineering and ITS Research ....905
R. Mizoguchi

Agents Serving Human Learning ....906
S.A. Cerri

Affect and Motivation ....907
W.L. Johnson, C. Conati, B. du Boulay, C Frasson, H. Pain, K. Porayska-Pomsta

Inquiry Learning Environments: Where Is the Field and What Needs to Be Done Next? ....907
B. MacLaren, L. Johnson, K. Koedinger, T. Murray, E. Soloway

Towards Encouraging a Learning Orientation Above a Performance Orientation ....907
C.P. Rosé, L. Anthony, R. Baker, A. Corbett, H. Pain, K. Porayska-Pomsta, B. Woolf

Workshop on Modeling Human Teaching Tactics and Strategies ....908
F. Akhras, B. du Boulay

Workshop on Analyzing Student-Tutor Interaction Logs to Improve Educational Outcomes ....909
J. Beck

Workshop on Grid Learning Services ....910
G. Gouarderes, B. Nkambou

Workshop on Distance Learning Environments for Digital Graphic Representation ....911
R. Azambuja Silveira, A.B. Almeida da Silva

Workshop on Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-learning ....912
L. Aroyo, D. Dickeea

Workshop on Social and Emotional Intelligence in Learning Environments ....913
C. Frusson, K. Poruyska-Pomsta

Workshop on Dialog-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems: State of the Art and New Research Directions ....914
N. Heffernan, P. Wiemer-Hastings

Workshop on Designing Computational Models of Collaborative Learning Interaction ....915
A. Soller, P. Jermann, M. Muehlenbrock, A. Martinez Mones

Author Index ....917

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