Request regarding written material

Service to commission new authors as a learning resource for the subject, revise-update those already used and submit authors' originals for editing. 


How does it work?

Faculty inform Library Services for Learning of the need for learning resources requiring author commission (new and/or revisions-updates). If the request is granted and the budget validated under the annual publications plan, the commissions should be validated by filling in the PERA - Learning Resource Requests page.

Authors produce content based on Guide for autors of learning resources for the UOC

Authors from the UOC Campus (Author profile), they can fill in all the personal and professional details required for the correct processing of the authorship contract from the Campus. They can also download the contracts and sign them digitally.

Once lecturers have validated the commissioned content, they submit the authors' originals to Library Services for Learning to undertake publication.

When we receive the documents, we send them on to the supplier in charge of publishing, who, depending on the type of learning resource and the commission, starts to publish the material in the most appropriate format, agreed with the lecturer in charge of the subject.

Before completion, you can read galley proofs and then the learning resources is ready for publication in the classroom and distribution by mail if necessary.