The Classroom Library

Access all the essential resources that you need to study and pass the subjects on which you have enrolled. These resources may be UOC-generated materials (teaching modules), articles, book chapters, study guides, legal texts or web links. You'll also find shortcuts to learning support spaces, such as The Library Replies and the O2 institutional repository. This space was created by the subject teaching staff with advice from the Library.

How does it work?

The Library is accessible from every subject classroom, in the Materials and Information Sources section.

If you are a student, you can consult the Classroom Library from any of the subjects on which you have enrolled, in the Materials and Information Sources section.

You can also consult the latest version of the UOC-generated materials (teaching modules) for the subjects you have studied through Campus > Secretary's Office > Materials > My Materials

If you are a lecturer, you can consult the instructions and calendars established in the IntraUOC > Teaching staff > Learning Resources space.

People responsible for each department

Arts and Humanities - Magda Lizano, Elisabet Cervera

Economics and Business Studies -  Albert Cervera

Law and Political Science -  Aida Camps

Health Sciences - Lis Balcells, Àgueda Mercadal

Psychology and Educational Sciences - Magda Lizano, Elisabet Cervera

Information and Communication Sciences - Lis Balcells, Gema Santos

IT, Multimedia and Telecommunications - Lis Balcells, Gerard Pagès

Open Programmes - Magda Lizano, Aida Camps

Doctoral programmes - Magda Lizano, Albert Cervera