Food waste

Summary of resources and publications advising consumers on good consumption of food, reducing and preventing waste.

Donació i reaprofitament d'aliments
The Government of Catalonia sets out the main causes of food waste by sector.
The Catalan Waste Agency, advice, publications, a Solidarity Food Distribution Table, experiences and campaigns.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment presents a series of definitions on food waste.
In this space the European Union provides information on actions that need to be taken to tackle food waste.
An entry in the portal of the campaign that seeks to create awareness among the population about food waste.
Combating food waste
A website created by the Catalan Food Safety Agency which tells us how much food is wasted.
More Responsible Food Consumption
A guide published by the Catalan Waste Agency focused on the waste generated when food is thrown away.
A talk given by Tristram Stuart on global food waste.