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Access to leading publishers' platforms and databases to which the Library has subscribed and via which it is possible to consult articles, journals, preprints, conference proceedings, etc.

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Database containing information comparing a wide range of tax statistics from OECD member countries.
Open Book Publishers (OBP)
Multidisciplinary collection of open access dossiers with a free download option for the UOC community.
Ovid Ebooks
Platform for searching e-books.
Oxford Handbooks Online (Political Science)
A collection of political science manuals put together by renowned experts in the field.
Oxford Journals
Full-text access to more than 200 journals published by Oxford University Press.
A collection of general and specialised dictionaries and reference works.
Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO)
Oxford Scholarhip Online offers straight access to scholarly works on more than 20 topics.
Database that offers analytical articles on regional and global political and economic developments