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Access to leading publishers' platforms and databases to which the Library has subscribed and via which it is possible to consult articles, journals, preprints, conference proceedings, etc.

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MarketLine Advantage
Source of information on companies, industries and businesses.
Database on materials science
Specialist content on materials science.
Database of references and reviews of publications in the pure and natural sciences.
Critical Media Observatory created by the Ramon Barnils Journalists Group.
Bibliographic database including abstracts and citations from journals specializing in medicine.
Medline Complete
Provides information on a broad range of medical.
Mementos Edicions Francis Lefebvre
Access to Mementos: Tax, Accounting, Social, and Commercial
Middle East & Africa Database
Multidisciplinary database on Middle East & Africa.
Military Database
Database about all government and military branches.
Morgan & Claypool
Offers access to ebooks on computing, engineering and life sciences.