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Access to leading publishers' platforms and databases to which the Library has subscribed and via which it is possible to consult articles, journals, preprints, conference proceedings, etc.

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De Gruyter
Multidisciplinary e-book platform.
Dialnet – Universidad de la Rioja
A database of summaries of journals in Spanish.
Digitalia Catalan
A database of ebooks in Catalan.
Digitalia Hispánica
A database of ebooks in Spanish, from Spanish and Latin American publishers.
Directory of open-access books.
DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
This site aims to increase the visibility and ease of use of open-access scientific and scholarly journals.
Network of digital repositories offering content across academic disciplines.
Curs sobre Drupal 8: Site Building I i II
Two full manuals on the Drupal 8 content management system
DynaMed Plus
DynaMed Plus is a medicine resource that provides evidence-based clinical information.