Book assessment

In research accreditation calls (AQU, ANECA), books and book chapters are assessed for quality in terms of:

  • citation
  • prestige of the publisher
  • book reviews in academic or scientific journals
  • translations in other languages
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Times cited

The number of times the book or book chapter has been cited in other works (articles, books, etc.).

Search tool to retrieve cited references in scientific articles indexed on Scopus.
Google Scholar
Google’s specialist search engine for academic works. It provides citations.

Databases in the UOC digital collection that index book reviews.

Prestige of the publisher

Scholarly Publishers Indicators
Ranking of publishers based on the opinion of experts.
ISI Web of Science
Search of books indexed on the ISI Book Citation Index.

Translations in other languages

A resource to see if a book has been translated into other languages.

Index Translationum
International repository of translated books in all fields of knowledge.